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One exclusive example of price and Time square with Planet degree:-

As many of us are crazy about Price Time square method as the name of this concept makes people crazy in my trading career i get so many queries from people about this concept as they are ready to pay huge amt to get a glimpse and people are always confused after reading of Gann books where Gann Sir only complete this concept in one line in his commodity master course “where price and time are equal in time is called price time square” by this narration its difficult to understand what is he trying to indicate after years research we find out the meaning of this he is talking about the length of time and price where they met equally is called price time square we are giving one example with more advance featured which Gann Sir talked included in his study that is the inclusion of Planet degree along with,

Here is one example of Sail Script low made on 3rd Oct 2019 and high made on 20th Jan 2020 difference in between is 72 bars and mars on the same date ie 03rd Oct was @179 degree GEO and 20th Jan 2020 was @251 GEO Degree Difference was exactly 72 degree

365 days is an important cycle of one year

In a circle, there are 360 degrees which very nearly correspond to this cycle. In other words, one day is equal to one degree of the circle that the Earth makes around the sun.

Hence the significance of the important divisions of the circle (into angles) on the chart. These angles are 45, 90, 120, 135, 180, 225, 240, 270, 315, and 360.

Dividing a line parallel to the 90-degree division of the circle we get a square. Divisions of this square give important angles on the charts.

There are two kinds of cycles: Time cycle or natural cycles and cycles derived from the significant prices And these cycles will have important divisions on 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 2/3, 3/4

and 7/8.

Thus the 30-year time cycle will be divided into important probable turning points as follows:

1/8 – 3.75 years

1/4 – 7.5 years

1/3 – 10 years and so on.

The significant time cycle/squares are Square of 52 on weekly charts. Use it on important high/low as well as on those points which start a 90-day cycle. Also, two squares or a cycle of two years can be used. Inner squares (squares formed within the

Square) and outer squares (squares of the same size placed adjacent or diagonal to the square) should also be seen when the price moves into the same.

A square of 90 is also important – in the same manner as the square of 52 on weekly charts and monthly charts.

A square of 12 is important.

Multiples of 9 are also important to watch.

A square of 144 is the most important square for use on monthly charts. These cycles have an influence on the price in terms of absolute numbers in addition to the time cycles they signify. It means that a movement of 144 points in stock is important by itself.

Price Time over Balance Concept

Gann laid out his rules pretty simply on page 51 of How to Make Profits in Commodities under the section headed ‘How to Determine Change

in the Main Trend by Space Movements’. In that section, he outlines that:

‘When a decline in [price] exceeds the greatest decline of a previous reaction, it is an indication of a change in trend.’

He also identifies that we need to watch out for the time periods to determine when the main trend is changing. Again on page 51, he wrote:

‘When a campaign has run only 3 or 4 sections and the TIME period on a reaction exceeds the greatest time of a previous reaction consider that the main trend has changed.’ These are what Gann referred to as an overbalance in price and an overbalance in time, respectively

Gann Box about how is constructed and used of it by Diagram

his construct uses a starting point of March 20 which is the date when the Sun is at 0 degrees of Aries. Sun at 0 degrees Aries is also what is called the Spring Equinox. Moving 3 months forward places the Sun in the sign of Cancer. This is called the Summer Solstice. Another 3 months forward places the Sun in the sign of Libra. This is the Autumn Equinox. Another 3 months forward places the Sun in Capricorn which denotes the Winter Solstice. One more increment of 3 months and the Sun is back to 0 degrees of Aries where its journey begins a new.