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A lot of investors comes into the market in charms of a good return, This starts from Mutual Fund after seeing a better return than traditional investment option like -Fd’s, NCDs, Kishan Vikas Patra, PF, PPF, etc. These people start to make first some trade for months then days and then become traders and then start to lose money…They start to make more trades to recover losses and never recover losses and start to lose hope they try and everything starts from the TV channel, Broker’s call, and advisory, and finally, they start to learn technical by reading books or joining some courses on cheap prices here they are also doing the same thing what did they make in starting first try to understand this is all about discipline as this is a speculation market I am using speculation word here and a lot of things are based on your birth chart (we believe in Planets). We here teach you the most mysterious strategy of W .D.Gann Sir(The most famous trader and trainer in the financial market across the world)

Join our exclusive service for small retailers at a very affordable price of 6000 For a 03Month Service:-

We observed many retailers or traders without proper guidelines making losses in their trading, many of people approached us in past and requested to start an exclusive group where proper views are shared with them so finally, in 2021 we started a service where we opened a separate new group which we called “Gann Exclusive views group” where we suggest and help retail traders with proper guidelines in seeking market direction and with live support, many of subscribers are enjoying this service at such a rate, we must say this service is beyond of any paid service offered by many of people even 10000-15000 rs per month and here we share exclusive dates/levels for positional trades in index’s primarily yes shared some bonus calls time to time in stocks too or intra trades with intra time and levels, we must say accuracy here is above 80-85% according to intra and positional trades and the best part is of this group sl are very small and trades we take to make them profitable more than 200-500% time of risk taken so you may decide if not have fund for taking courses you may jon this service

Career Counselling Through Astrology and team experts who deal with you to make you aware about to fulfill your dreams:-

Why do we talk about astrology is this a myth or science It its science with mathematics and trust me it works a lot in our life we should be aware of good and bad times in life so that we can get work accordingly also if we plan our future based on the basis of our good planet I saw people get amazing results in their life not in terms of money only in terms of happiness, satisfaction and peacefully life. Do not hesitate to make a consult in your good time I observed people go to an astrologer once the bad period of life starts at that point a lot of damage has happened so better to get remedies before this period starts.

Education Views about various market indices especially Nifty and Indian Market Stocks

This service is for those who do not have time to watch the market constantly due to some restrictions like Job/Business/traveling /any other reason. They do not want to make the study or do not have confidence in looking help of an expert to get the job done for them. We provide the solutions here we provide you with more accurate levels to make the trade with good risk rewards.