We are sharing views in live market and day views before Market hours on website you can cross check timing and accuracy of views shared and decide the accuracy of our strategy we followed;-
We have shared whole month with each day performance by taking snap shot of our groups/fb post that you can verify which itself shows our consistent performance…
We chanalenge all experts shows this kind of live update if they have accuracy like this for now onwards you can follow us on our FB block/telegram channel or this website to know important views ….

31st Oct performance:-

Jumped to 2140

Jumped to 2715

Target Achieved

It jumped to 1330 from range mentioned

30th Oct Performance:-

Almost profit more than 25000 rs …

Nifty low was 11784 only after that 100 points move up

29th Oct Performance:-

Infy we bought at 649-50 both level activated nifty we got hit of 30 points almost
Booked ACC @1542 and HDFC @2120 and Kotak @1585 almost 15000 rs profit after hit in nifty

25th Oct Performance:-

Done 11623 first …..ACC we got at lower level and booked @1526
Nifty 114480 to 11624 ..

24th Oct performance:-

Reliance 1388 to 1435 and nifty we booked almost 140 points in both side ,Day view and most trade suggested our to paid clients and students are given on FB can cross check ..Always day view include important time of day rocked which we share on website too…..

23rd Oct Performance :-

Nifty low was 11754.4 and high after made 117651.7 and view was updated at time of opening only

22th Oct Performance:-

Nifty made low 11590 from 11714 almost 120 points

18th Oct Performance:-

Almost 30 points from level shared

Lt Rocked hit 1455 and nifty made reversal from 11680 to 14640 almost 40 points

infy hit @773.5

17th Oct Performance:-

Day View is our specialty again rocked:-

See Beauty of call booked almost 60 pints in Bajaj auto alone first we shorted @ than bought all proof there on FB can checked Hero booked 60 points

16th Oct Performance:-

70 Points up from this area said

50 points booked in first nifty sell and Infy hit the target of 775

15th Oct Performance :-

All banged hit target

14th Oct Performance:-

It was asked to watch 10.15 AM around time after market went up 70 points as said we will get opposite side direction too see went down 90 points in last hours

11th Oct Performance :-

Made low of 1336

We shared nifty is buy on rise as per astro view same was shared on website too in day view which we update on regular basis asked my followers to hold position if long we are expecting a bounce back all are live calls you can verify with thtse given time you can cross check too on link:-

10th oct Performance

Post Shared on Face Book almost booked 25 Booked in Indusind and Reliance hit target more than 20000 rs profit

9th Oct Performance

Almost 100 Points went up from range shared

Almost 40 Points

Oct 9 shared views almost 45000 rs profit …See Time shared and said one side movement itself on website too( Range share 11050 to 11450 ) went to 11089 and high made 11330 again rocked(Market reversed from 11.15 Am only

7th Oct 2019 performance:-

Both The target hit …

All are live post on FB

5th Oct 2019

Value and importance of time CycleTh Oct

4th Oct 2019 Performance:-

Market crashed more than 150 Points in second half

3rd Oct 2019 Performance:-

Almost 20 Points done

Almost 100 points booked in Nifty

Nifty Reversed 100 points plus from time and price shared

1st Oct View performance:-

Time Rocked gave you sudden 70 points on Time slot given

Live Example of Mysterious law of vibration (No One show you live we made you importance and right way of This law of Vibration

See This one and check in coming days

Past Months Performance Glimpse:-

Bharti Made 25 Points again

We asked here not to trade for big range as day is null we suggest you trend of day too based on astro cycles

Made 1342 after that

Nifty made high of 11694 and fell down from there

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We Believe in W D Gann Sir Method’s and Planets ….

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