First of all try to see circle made on posted picture 6 planets are sitting at same place and all are lost their energy against of Sun and sun is weak into Saturn zodiac rest left 2 planets outside of this zodiac both are also making aspects too this indicate big event is here i tried to clear this view by posting picture and circle marked
we said 9th high is imp and 12th is more define date as per astro although event started on 9th some people are asking they are not able to understand about trend be understand we asked 9th Feb high made on index is imp we are trying to indicate dont make long side position til te time we cross that high and try to find opportunity on your chart ,i think no one gives reason and so clear view still if have confusion we are sorry cant give more than this as we share views for those are making research on Gann and Planets others can refrain from us no matter for us (on 9th Mathematics cycles are also done from swing and 23rd March 2020so keep watch and these are for observation and education purpose so trading is your own decision based on your chart upon as we are not suggesting any trade at this platform >>>.>>



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