Nifty travelling downside as we updated here before event in month of Jan and asked first to watch nifty around 25-26th Jan and levels 12380 around we slipped down from 12380 to 11714 in budget time around later on we asked 16th Feb as important date to keep watch (+1 and -1 Day) after 16th Next trading day was Monday and we saw fall from that day only ….we repeatedly said Planets are major cause for all such events ..and Time ahead of Price thats we have already proved here so many time …

Now we are getting one cycle is going to end at 11th (+1 and -1 Day margin) here so keep watch low/high of this day and breakout next day in that direction take position …..and again we would ask you to make your own decision before any action here …Best of Luck and happy trading to all of you…..



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