Nifty is still trading in range of 12046 to 12350 check for how many days we are saying this range .Some ppl change their range on daily basis because they are not confident what are they talking once they are Copying views of some one ..we need to break this range before enter a new zone ..

We know about Global events so be careful and do trade less in such events. we are updating important dates based on historical data analysis which gann is used to call cycle ..follows those dates by trick we shared multiple time how to trade on those dates… We updated on Friday about day nature and levels shared all were rocked as given,,,who followed those level you booked awesome profit every point gave 35 points moves once…

When solar eclipse happened how many notice Sun and Saturn were in same zodiac and count those degree of planets to get accurate things …

Planetary Position Of Day:-As per planets of position day should be sluggish and we might see one side movement in Market ..kindly watch 2.10 to 2.20 PM as very important time when we can see sudden movement in market and we already updated many time in past views how to trade once you get such important time during the day..

Important level to watch 12200-230 on upper side and down side we have to keep watch 12125 and 12050 around to check any reversal …Say range should be 12100 to 12260 almost 160 points ….Trade be careful and in profit….



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