Yesterday we shared some levels to watch and said if 11880 break on 5 min we will see 11830 around level nifty made low of 11844 rs approximately ..and you can watch how many attempt market takes break 11880….as we said nifty is in range of 11730 to 12046 still we have same range of trading …keep watch 16th dec as next important date we asked here to watch 4th Dec you might check of 4th after that did not break and nifty made all most 400 points in downside.we updated level to our premium group to keep eye on 12160 if break nifty will make to next level.and many time we suggested range of 12160 despite that market closed one day 12151 ..thats call confidence in system …

Planetary position of Day:-we updated some aspects day before yesterday we have aspects in between sun and venus and saturn apart from jupiter and mercury…..also day of lord is not giving any clear direction as nature of this planet is confuse.keep watch 11820 around level if we break this we can see 11770 too upper side we can see price action around 11889 and 11935 around which is high of previous day too road map of nifty for day is 11719-11770-11820-11880-11936 …keep watch …and best of luck for Day..



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