We are still trading in range mentioned 11800 to 12100 till the time we break this range…we believe we will break this range in 2-3 session max ..

Yesterday we mentioned to take short @11942 in nifty and @31200-270 range in bank nifty… and updated day will be bit bearish ..check this was top of both index also shared reliance to keep watch @1388 and said here Reliance is in danger zone check your self it came down to 1157 in day all were updated before start of market …

Today as per astro market should be volatile with bit bullishness ..for nifty @11862 around is important points to take longs …if break than wait for @11830 will be next points for reversal below 11795 we will see more downside if happens .Bank nifty around @31900-850 we can see action so keep watch these levels and trade on your own analysis ….



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