We shared a range of 11900 to 12160 on 27th Nov or past few days we are still in same range we need to break lower below 11990 to confirm minor trend change or above 12160 …keep watch theses levels for deciding market direction for coming days…

Yesterday we asked market will be bit bullish and asked you to watch 12046 as crucial point in days market came to close to this point and reversed back ..we gave clear or exact point of sell in nifty or bank nifty to our students /premium group members to short nifty @11998 and covered to 11960 (Spot Level)..

Planets positions of Day…
Moon today going to enter in sagi..also jupiter too in same zodiac with making aspects with saturn and ketu…
As per my reading of astro market should be bit bearish side and range to watch for nifty 12100 to 12128 where nifty can take a pause as per us lower side we have good support @11940-970 around for day …rest we find something important we will update here …….



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