Gann has given more importance to faster planets he said one one interviews “faster planets are key of success”

we are getting cover one of most important Planet :-Moon

If the Moon were always on the celestial equator, it would always rise 6 hours before transit, and set 6 hours after transit.

We know that the Sun does not keep to the celestial equator. It lies on the equator at the equinoxes, in March and September, but its declination varies between 23.4°N in June and 23.4°S in December. At the equinoxes, anywhere in the world, the Sun rises due east, 6 hours before noon, and sets due west, 6 hours after noon. But at the summer (June) solstice, in latitudes north of 66.6°N, the Sun never sets at all! (This defines the Arctic Circle.) In latitudes around 58°N, the Sun rises in the north-east, about 9 hours before noon, and sets in the north-west, about 9 hours after noon.
Similarly, at the winter (December) solstice, in the Arctic Circle the Sun never rises; in latitudes around 58°N, the Sun rises in the south-east, about 3 hours before noon, and sets in the south-west, about 3 hours after noon.

Now, the Moon follows roughly the same path as the Sun (ignoring its orbital tilt) but it takes only a month to trace the path which the Sun takes in a year.The Sun moves about 1° a day (360° in 365.25 days) The Moon lags behind the Sun by about 12.2° a day, so you can work out the date on which the Sun will be at the point where the Moon now is.This means you can estimate roughly how long the Moon will be above the horizon.Having already calculated the time at which it will cross the meridian, you can now estimate its rising and setting times.This will not be very accurate But it should be sufficient to determine, for example, whether a particular night’s observing will be affected by moonlight.

we covered some info about moon now related this with this ;-The Moon does not always transit into the extreme declination. During some years, it will not even transit into the high declination. The Moon’s transit through the declination will cycle between nominal highs and extreme highs over a period of about 18 years. The last cycle of extreme highs ended in 2011. The next cycle of extreme highs will begin in 2020

he graph at the bottom of the page is only for the Moon. The minus sign “-” represents the Southern declination. On some graphs, a plus “+” represents the Northern declinations, but on ours, it is inferred that if there is not a minus, then the planets are transiting in the Northern declination. On the graph, you may notice that the declination numbers end at 20° or 30°. During periods where the Moon does not transit into the high declination, the graph will adjust to the lower number.

Jun 2020
GMT Midnight
00:00 Morning
06:00 Noon
12:00 Evening
Jun 1 N2°33′ N1°5′ S0&°23′ S1°52′
Jun 2 S3°20′ S4°48′ S6°16′ S7°42′
Jun 3 S9°6′ S10°29′ S11°49′ S13°7′
Jun 4 S14°22′ S15°34′ S16°42′ S17°46′
Jun 5 S18°46′ S19°41′ S20°32′ S21°17′
Jun 6 S21°57′ S22°32′ S23°2′ S23°25′
Jun 7 S23°44′ S23°56′ S24°3′ S24°4′
Jun 8 S24°0′ S23°50′ S23°36′ S23°16′
Jun 9 S22°52′ S22°23′ S21°50′ S21°13′
Jun 10 S20°32′ S19°48′ S19°1′ S18°10′
Jun 11 S17°17′ S16°21′ S15°23′ S14°22′
Jun 12 S13°20′ S12°16′ S11°11′ S10°4′
Jun 13 S8°56′ S7°47′ S6°37′ S5°27′
Jun 14 S4°15′ S3°4′ S1°52′ S0°39′
Jun 15 N0&°33′ N1°45′ N2°58′ N4°9′
Jun 16 N5°21′ N6°31′ N7°41′ N8°50′
Jun 17 N9°59′ N11°5′ N12°11′ N13°15′
Jun 18 N14°17′ N15°17′ N16°15′ N17°11′
Jun 19 N18°4′ N18°55′ N19°42′ N20°26′
Jun 20 N21°7′ N21°44′ N22°17′ N22°46′
Jun 21 N23°11′ N23°31′ N23°47′ N23°57′
Jun 22 N24°3′ N24°4′ N24°0′ N23°50′
Jun 23 N23°35′ N23°16′ N22°51′ N22°21′
Jun 24 N21°46′ N21°6′ N20°22′ N19°33′
Jun 25 N18°40′ N17°42′ N16°41′ N15°37′
Jun 26 N14°29′ N13°18′ N12°4′ N10°48′
Jun 27 N9°29′ N8°9′ N6°46′ N5°22′
Jun 28 N3°57′ N2°31′ N1°5′ S0&°22′
Jun 29 S1°49′ S3°15′ S4°41′ S6°6′
Jun 30 S7°30′ S8°53′ S10°14′ S11°33′

This is in Graph mode you can now related this info with actual market and see results of your coming swing high/low
I gave you exact things about this planets now this is totally covered no one updated such info in any channel/website



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