we get some query related with this whats meaning of range mentioned like 12046 to 12350 ,we are clarified for those who are new one or have some puzzle about this , its simple who are there in market for a period ,they know market always work in range bound for a period as per all good analyst we should define first a range its could broad medium and short term range of market before enter into trade ..here we define a short term range of market so that you could know above and below market is going in breakout direction bit so that you could adjust your Stop Loss according ..second market never go straight in one direction it moves in zigzag way so we should aware the range or particular degree movement of market before enter into new range so that you could know when real breakout happening and on whats degree after now question comes how do we ge come to know such things its simple first you should do some home work before enter into market /stocks where you are going to make trade and should understand about cycles of particular script/index …observe past data once you do this ,you would knowledge about where you are going to enter because GANN Said History repeat itself once you know history you may get good vision about future too….for more clarification you can contact us on our mail id or make comments here too..we will try to update comments till the time do not violate standard also you can join our premium services too for next month …



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