We mentioned a range of 12046 to 12350 ,nifty is trading in between this range for last few days keep watch this range ..

We mentioned in last post keep watch recent high of nifty ,we makes you lot of indication who know market they understand those indication and makes money….also said watch high of previous day and nifty sell on rise for day ..you might observed nifty went slip from high of previous day and after that non stop fall we have seen…

Today is solar eclipse it means moon and sun are on same degree apart from this there are 4 other planets are there in same house check 9th No you will find lot of planets are sitting in same house or under sag zodiac ..so be keep less trading or avoid trading for day specially for Sag.,Leo …this will give stress ,fear and will keep confidence down ,we will see effect of this almost on all zodiac ..
As per my reading of planets day could be bit slight negative already made clue once said keep watch on recent high of nifty it makes clear who have knowledge about market …but trade o levels only those don’t follow levels they know very well their position after week month on month …keep watch 12260 and 12150 two most important point for day …



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