Nifty is trading in mentioned ie 12046 to 12350 range for last few days as said we need to break this range to get a new range nifty yesterday we posted a separate post for the clarification on this range about ,

Yesterday we clearly mentioned that nifty is sell on any ,same was happened also we clearly mentioned level in our public telegram channel ,nifty too stop @12120 which we mentioned for last few days post however we booked our position around 12155 near about and after that we did not trade anything…

I dont know how many you read view seriously we indicated on Monday post about Nifty hgh watch and asked to take shorts ..

Some Big channel and big name but zero in knowledge are following our dates and astro views ,they are making copy paste of our views..we dont want to take names of those fake coach but want to say once you are making advertisement of your concept suddenly how could you jump on Gann and astro ,that means their concept are bogus so make decide to join such people…

Planetary Position of Day:-Today as per my reading of Planets should be a consolidate day and market will give a confusing move so here you have to be ready to take trade on both side and book small small profit should be your strategy ..downside we have good support 12046-12070 and upper side we have good resistance near 12200-12220 so trade accordingly …and also watch after 12266 …



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